Tim Vromans

Entrepreneur/ Student

A boy who can come across as very serious from time to time, but that’s because I’m serious about what I do. There is always time for fun and of course, I am always in for a joke. But above all a diligent person who is positive in life. Always willing to set an extra step to get the best possible result, because nothing is impossible in life as long as you believe in it yourself. I am someone who wants to motivate, inspire and help people.

My Skills






Concept Development


Big Data

Sociale Media



Vice-President/ Secretary

Tilburg, The Netherlands

#CLUBACI – Student Association is the study association of Fontys ACI. Here students take place when they seek a broadening of knowledge during the training. We have various committees such as Internal Event, External Partners, Business Events, Communication, Stage Design, Excursion, Graduation Night (the gala of Fontys ACI), Introduction and Concepts. As a board, we keep an overview of all these committees. In addition, we ensure a growth in the association so that it can develop.


  • Maintaining member regristration
  • Participate in various committees
  • Maintaining contact with the members
  • Minutes of board meetings


  • Creating a new website
  • How to deal with legal problems
  • Digitizing the administration
  • How to deal with trouble in a committee

Owner/ Founder

Goirle, The Netherlands

Premium Gadget Shop, the webshop of the future. Here come the present and the future together. Technological developments are now very fast, but often these new products are not readily available to everyone. Until now! Premium Gadget Shop ensures that all these products are available at one place: premium-gadgetshop.nl. By carefully selecting products, the webshop of the future is created.


  • Maintenance of the shop
  • Provide new products
  • Maintain business relationships
  • Marketing of the company


  • How to take a business attitude
  • How to handle customer complains
  • How to improve customer relationship
  • How to deal with new oppotunities

Owner/ Founder

Goirle, The Netherlands

Digital Concepting is a company specialized in digital concepts. At the moment, the activities only consist of designing, building and maintaining Websites, but at a later stage, the company will also focus more on developing Digital Innovation, developing innovative business plans and helping companies with (online) Marketing. Digital Concepting is your partner in online innovation.


  • Recruiting new customers
  • Designing, creating and maintaining customer websites
  • Making offers
  • Seach Engine Optimisation


  • Moving domains
  • Making a proper offer
  • Taking care of customer relations
  • Making invoices

Committee member

Tilburg, The Netherlands

The intro commission of #CLUBIEMES is responsible for organizing the entire introduction week of Fontys ACI. This includes activities, various parties and various meals. During the introduction week of Fontys ACI, there are 500 students and 50 supervisors participating in this week. It is the task of the intro committee to lead the entire introduction week in the right direction.


  • Organize the introduction week for 500 students
  • Organizing a BBQ for 550 people
  • All communication & marketing
  • Organize Playbackshow in 013


  • How to deal with 500 students and 50 supervisors
  • How to organize a (kickoff) party
  • How to work in a team with motivated students
  • How to deal with stressful situations


Some of my achievements

2016, Higher General Secondary Education

Mill Hill college, Goirle

2016, Socrates Honours

Socrates Honours, Goirle

2017, Creation Premium Gadget Shop

Premium Gadget Shop, Goirle

2017, Google Adwords certificate

De digitale werkplaats

2017, Creation Digital Concepting

Digital Concepting, Goirle

2017, Intro Committee


2017, Vice-president/ Secretary

#CLUBACI, Tilburg

2018, Propedeuse

Fontys ACI, Tilburg

2018, T500

The Next Web, Amsterdam

2018, Minor Sociale Media & Big Data

Hogeschool Utrecht, Utrecht


If you have any question, please feel free to contact me!

  • (+31) 6 488 98 299
  • (+31) 6 488 98 299
  • Hoge Wal 114
  • info@timvromans.nl